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Advice & Sales: 0118 946 9146

Advice & Sales: 0118 946 9146

Earthborn Paints: A Natural Choice For Environmentally Conscious Renovators

Earthborn Paints Eco-friendly Alternatives

In a world that’s becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, many homeowners and renovators seek eco-friendly alternatives for their projects.  Whether it’s a historic restoration, redecorating with traditional materials, or just some minor repairs, the choice of materials can significantly impact our planet. This is where Earthborn Paints comes into play, offering a natural and sustainable choice […]

Revamp Your Urban Space With Sustainable Lime Mortars

Sustainable Construction With Lime Mortar

In the ever-evolving urban landscape, the exploration for sustainable construction materials has gained momentum.  As we strive to build eco-friendly cities that harmonise with the environment, traditional construction materials are making a comeback. One such material that’s gaining prominence is lime mortar.  Lime mortar, an ancient building material, offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative […]

Reviving Heritage Homes: The Ultimate Guide To Carbon-Neutral Lime Plasters

Reviving Heritage Homes

Heritage homes carry a sense of history, charm, and timeless beauty that modern construction often struggles to replicate.  Preserving these architectural gems is a matter of aesthetics and an environmental responsibility. As the world shifts towards sustainable building practices, one of the key elements in reviving heritage homes is using carbon-neutral lime plasters.  In this […]

Lime Plaster: A Versatile And Sustainable Choice For Modern Construction

Fusion Of Versatility And Eco-Friendliness

In the dynamic landscape of contemporary buildings, where the twin pillars of sustainability and adaptability hold paramount importance, lime plaster emerges as an exceptional option.  Despite its centuries-old lineage, this time-honoured material presents a seamless fusion of versatility and eco-friendliness, positioning it as a front-runner for today’s cutting-edge building methodologies.  The intrinsic charm lies in […]

Breathe Easy: Lime Plaster Enhancing Home Wall Beauty and Comfort

Lime Plaster

Creating a comfortable and healthy living environment entails careful consideration of various factors, and one critical aspect that is often overlooked is the choice of wall plaster material.  While challenges such as durability, aesthetics, and upkeep are frequently considered, the breathability of the plastering material is often neglected. Understanding the significance of lime plaster breathability […]