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Advice & Sales: 0118 946 9146

Advice & Sales: 0118 946 9146

A Guide To Traditional Building Materials For Period Property Restoration

Period Property Restoration

Restoring a period property is a labour of love that requires a deep understanding of historical architecture and a commitment to preserving the charm of bygone eras.  One of the key aspects of period property restoration is the careful selection of building materials. Choosing the right materials not only ensures authenticity but also contributes to […]

Urban Renewal With Lime: Sustainable Solutions For Inner City Projects

Sustainable Solutions For Inner City Projects

In the realm of urban renewal, sustainability has become a cornerstone of modern development.  The need for environmentally conscious solutions has never been more apparent as our cities evolve and grow. When it comes to revitalising inner city spaces, lime is a material often overlooked but with immense potential.  Lime plasters and mortars are making […]

Heritage Architecture – What Building Materials Should I Use?


Building techniques that have endured through the ages have done so for a reason: they produce dwellings that have an innate affinity for their surroundings and are also natural, strong, and visually pleasing. In older homes, damp prevention requires adopting techniques such as using lime mortar rather than concrete, and like-for-like repair is always the […]

5 Ways to Use Limestone in Your Home

Limestone in your home

Limestone is a beautiful building material and it has so many uses in the home. Limestone is actually a sedimentary rock with an organic source, meaning it’s formed from the remains of living organisms. Limestone is a neutral colour and can be used to create a range of designs whether you’re looking for something more […]