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Advice & Sales: 0118 946 9146

Advice & Sales: 0118 946 9146

Old House Store Lime Putty

A non-hydraulic (otherwise referred to fat, air or pure) lime putty produced from slaked high calcium quicklime (CaO) from Buxton, Derbyshire. Its appearance is that of a smooth sticky white mass similar to common toothpaste. It is packaged in an airtight manner to prevent setting and often there is excess water to separate the putty from any air in the packaging container (especially when in tubs).

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We only use the finest Buxton Quicklime, and this same product is used for all our pre-mixed non-hydraulic (wet) products. All of our lime putty is tested by Buxton lime to the European EN459-2-2001 standard and is supplied for sale in 15ltr tubs or 675kg IBC bulk bags.

Limestone (Calcium Carbonate – CaCO3) is burnt in a kiln giving off Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas and forming Calcium Oxide (CaO) which is commonly known as Quicklime. It needs to be burnt at 900-1100°C to ensure a good material is produced. The resulting lime is at its most volatile and dangerous at this stage.

The Burnt Lime or Quicklime is then combined with water (slaked) as quickly as possible. Combining Quicklime (CaO) and water (H20) produces Calcium Hydroxide (Ca(OH)2 – slaked lime and heat. It is combined with an excess of water which produces a putty. It is also known as non-hydraulic lime because it requires exposure to air in order to carbonate and does not set under water.

Please Note: Due to being shipped on a pallet the minimum order is 3 tubs.

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15 Litre Tub, 675kg IBC


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