Advice & Sales: 0118 946 9146

Advice & Sales: 0118 946 9146

Advice & Sales: 0118 946 9146

EcoRight Pre-Mixed Hydraulic Lime Mortars

EcoRight mortars are produced by blending kiln dried sands and natural hydraulic limes.  They are suitable for use in block laying, bricklaying, stonemasonry, pointing as well as a backing coat or final coat render or plaster.

Hydraulic lime mortars use significantly less energy when produced compared to Ordinary Portland Cement as well as absorbing carbon dioxide making them far kinder to the environment.


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EcoRight mortars are manufactured using natural hydraulic limes (NHL) which are produced by burning argillaceous or siliceous limestone.  EcoRight mortars comply with the durability requirements of BS5628: Part 3: 2001.  Mortar strengths are measured at 91 days as opposed to 28 days, as lime mortars gain strength more gradually compared to Portland cement-based mortars.

Materials used conform to the following standards:

Kiln Dried Sands & Pigments – BS EN 13139:  2002

Natural Hydraulic Lime – (NHL) BS EN 459:  Part 1:  2001

By manufacturing under strict quality-controlled conditions, EcoRight produces mortars that have consistent strength and colour whilst avoiding the costs, risks and waste associated with site mixing.

Mortars can be re-worked for up to 12 hours.


EcoRight mortars are more flexible than Portland cement-based mortars, which means that expansion joints are not necessary in many circumstances. EcoRight mortars offer good vapour permeability, which enables the building to breath. EcoRight mortars are formulated to meet the requirements of compressive strength and durability.


EcoRight mortars can be used for scratch coat and floating coat plasters and renders and have a coverage rate of 1.25m2 per 25kg bag (50m2 per tonne) @ 9mm thick

For bricklaying a bulk bag will lay 1000 bricks with a 10mm joint, and a single brick skin.  (1000 bricks per tonne of mortar)


There are now 12 different colours available in the standard range.  The extended range adds another 30 colours and additional aggregates can be added to create ‘heritage’ mixes however these are made to order so please contact us for more information about cost & availability Tel:  0118 946 9146

EcoRight Hydraulic Lime Mortars are available in 25kg bags, 1000kg bulk bags and for large projects in silos.





Additional information

Weight 25 kg

350 Moderate, 500 Eminent, Caversham, Cotswold, London Heritage, Old England, Old Georgian, Oxford Brown, Silver Grey, Slate Grey, Village


25kg, 1 Tonne IBC, 25kg Bag, 1 Tonne Pallet (40 x 25kg Bags)


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